Family Nature Games

Holy Land Card Game

Holy Land Card Game

A game that can take your family on a trip to the Holy Land without Leaving your home.

Go through a rabbit's hole straight to Jesus's Land.

This game contain 44 cards, comprising 11 series/ families. 

Exciting card games for the whole family aged 4 and older.

The game arrive in a cardboard box.

This game is a great way to get Jesus's story more vivid and real for the children, and could be a great preparation for a trip to "The Holy Land".

Family Nature Games

Games that connect people to Israel and each other.

Enjoying  family time, while learning.

People can connect to Israel through Jesus's story or through other ways.
We can also recommend our nature series.


Nature Games

A series of three games. Each contain 52 cards, comprising 13 series/ families. 

Exciting card games for the whole family aged 4 and older.

The games arrive in a beautiful tin box- making it easy to take them out into nature with you.

We have three games in the English version, which include quotations and verses from the Bible:

רביעיות פרחי ארצנו אנגלית
Flowers of Israel

Where does the PALESTINE IRIS grow? What flower was almost extinct following the Crusades?

Flowers of Israel – a journey in which we become acquainted with the stories behind the flowers, a sensational experience that gets you so much closer to Israel.

רביעיות חיות ארצנו-אנגלית
Animals of Israel

What  is the CREAM SPOTTED TIGER  and where can you see it?

From where did they bring the ASIATIC WILD ASS that was re-introduced to nature in Israel?

Do you find animals intriguing? Discover the magical and mysterious Israeli wildlife.

Birds of Israel

Let's spread our wings and get to know the biggest bird song in Israel, glide with raptors – birds of prey and get to know a flamingo close up.

Do you want to fly and migrate, perhaps find the bird to fly home with? 

Because of Israel's unique geographic location at least half a million birds pass through the region twice a year; either migrating to Europe or on the Asia-Africa axis. 

Those birds carry stories and bring magic to you.

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